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Last Update :6/1/2014

President’s News Update

GEESE: Going, Going, Almost Gone

The results of the efforts to encourage the Canada Geese to seek areas other than the Golf Course and the Charbonneau community have been very successful. The humane approach by The Geese Guys has been approved by the Humane Society and endorsed by PETA. Their tactic reduces the conflict between the geese and humans by encouraging the geese to move off the property and nest elsewhere. There is much less fecal contamination of community landscape and water ponds and greatly reduced quantities of droppings on walkways and areas where golf course and homeowner landscape equipment is used.  This has reduced the possibility of health hazard.

Since Canada Geese are very protective of their territory, until recently the variety of other fowl and wildlife present has been minimal. With the vastly reduced geese population, we’ve had many sightings of two bald eagles. It is expected that heron and hawks will soon be seen as well. Ducks are still present as the program targets only geese.

The success achieved during the three-month initial trial definitely points to a continuation of a year-round use of The Geese Guys. It is hoped that the HOA’s and individuals will help the community and the course by continuing to contribute to the cost of this program. Checks made out to the CGC with Geese Guys in the memo line will be used only for making our property healthier.

Golf Club Finances

The financial condition of the Golf Club remains stable at this time. This is due to our managers, board and many others working to control operations. Some of you may not be aware that the golf course has no dues paying members, thus no regular income. We rely on green fees and the sale of annual play programs. All that makes us very weather dependent. Many of us are hoping for many days of good golfing weather this summer.

Our Loyal (and appreciated) Volunteers

In full swing now is a unique neighborhood volunteer effort that really helps make our golf course beautiful. It is called Adopt-A-Hole. Volunteers pull weeds, trim grass and improve the appearance of the tees and fairways of the golf course. Rose Mason heads up the entire program, which has funding support from Sallie and Marty Paulson of Paulson Realty. Thanks go to Rose, Sallie, Marty and the many volunteers making things more beautiful.   (And, we continue to appreciate the terrific efforts of Mike Murray and his gang on Tuesdays!)

What’s Next?

Now that CCC and CGCI have mutually agreed to discontinue the merger talks, the golf club remains keenly aware how important a profitable golf course is to our community and we are dedicated to it’s success.  To that end I am asking some of our creative residents to help on a “Think Tank” committee to develop and explore ideas that will sustain the golf course for many more years and also examine additional ideas for increasing profitability of the course.


The Golf Club board was most disappointed to learn that the restaurant owners have not contracted with an operator for the restaurant for this season. That means that other than the pro shop there remains no close by venue for golfers to get food and beverage before or after they play golf, or for outside tournaments to dine and award prizes. Also, the possibility of hosting a number of weddings has declined greatly. All these areas would have been very positive for golf operations. Hopefully something will be ready by fall so that plans can be in place for 2015.

Healthy Tan

With warm weather around the corner and a forecast of drier and hotter days, the Golf Course will be monitoring the water used very carefully. As mentioned previously, a drier ground condition will produce healthy grass, as the roots will go deeper seeking water. This means there will be fewer wet, lush green turf areas other than the greens and tees. The fairways being drier will provide more roll for your golf ball. The roughs will likely be more brown than green. These steps will allow the golf course to focus on other priorities by changing maintenance procedures and reducing the amount of money that was being spent for irrigation water.

Wishing you a great summer of golf!

Jim Gibbons

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