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Club Rules

Following are a few the most important rules when playing at Charbonneau.

Golf Cart Usage

  • Regular Use: 90-degree rule. Carts may only be driven on the cart path or at a 90-degree angle to the cart path
  • Cart Path Only: Keep carts on cart path only. No exceptions
  • In extreme conditions only, no carts will be allowed anywhere on the course
  • Do not drive carts within 30 feet of the green. Stay on the cart paths as much as possible

Tips for Maintaining Pace of Play

  • Keep up with the group ahead of you
  • Without endangering others, play ready golf
  • Move briskly to your next shot. More often than not, this will not interfere with your fellow golfers if you’re observant
  • Without interfering with your fellow golfers, once you begin putting, complete until the ball is in the hole
  • If you cannot keep pace with the rest of your group, please pick up your ball , and place it on the putting green to finish
  • Leave the green immediately when you have completed the hole

If the course marshal determines your group is holding up play behind you, your group will be asked to pick up your balls and, without playing, advance forward until your group is once again in proper position.

General Rules & Etiquette

  • Drive your cart around wet spots
  • Do not pull hand carts between traps and greens
  • Allow faster players to play through
  • On the green, never walk where someone will be putting
  • Be courteous and considerate to others at all times
  • If you are a competitive player, post all scores during the golf season

Rules that Effect Scoring

  • Free relief from the following (no penalty):
  • Cart paths
  • Cement drainage ditches
  • Flower beds
  • Out of bounds – Marked by white stakes. Driving range is out of bounds. A ball which crosses a public road defined as out of bounds and comes to rest beyond that road is out of bounds even though it may lie on another part of the course
  • Distance Measuring Devices: GPS systems and laser range finders that are designed to measure distance only are permitted for use. Any devices which measure gradient, wind, etc., remain contrary to the Rules of Golf and the penalty is disqualification
  • Water Hazards – All Water hazards are lateral hazards, marked by red stakes
  • Embedded Ball Rule: Played through the green
  • Flower Beds: All flower beds are designated ground under repair for the protection of the plants. MANDATORY free relief if the ball is in a flower bed or a plant in a flower bed interferes with a players stance or area of intended swing

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